Educating Lawyers Without the Zzzs


Fight the Legal Zzzs!

Lawyers use a lot of legalese. Sometimes it is necessary, but usually it is not. 

Many continuing legal education sessions, with their talking heads and dull slideshows, should carry the warning:  “May cause drowsiness!”

The “Legal Zzzs” are unnecessary!

NoLegalZzzs is dedicated to designing and providing programs for lawyers that are not only current, relevant, and informative, but so engaging that attendees will want to stay awake.  To really understand our point of view, check out Who We Are Not.


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Who We Are

Who We Are Not

“Don’t Be This Interviewee”                   Live Program Coming in 2012

Don’t Be This Interviewee” is our first program.  It is designed to provide law students and young lawyers with things to think about when preparing to interview for positions at law firms.  The tips and strategies we present come with nearly true-to-life examples.  Our program also includes skill-building exercises that require attendees to actively participate rather than just sit and listen.

Keep reading to learn more and see what a tough day an interviewer can experience.