Educating Lawyers Without the Zzzs


Our first program is called “Don’t Be This Interviewee,” and it is designed to provide law students and young lawyers with things to think about when preparing to interview for positions at law firms.  The tips and strategies we present come with nearly true-to-life examples, and our program includes skill-building exercises that require attendees to actively participate rather than just sit and listen.

If you have 15-20 minutes and a broadband connection, you can see and read about an interviewer’s tough day. 

The story, “Tough Day” starts when you click here.

This Program IS NOT INTENDED TO BE ELIGIBLE for Continuing Legal Education credit, and, of course, we make no representation or guarantee about your future employability. 

(Can you tell that a lawyer wrote this?)


“Don’t Be This Interviewee”

“Don’t Be This Interviewee”

The Story: “Tough Day”

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