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Well, Sidney Milton may have done a little better in his interview if he was focused on actually being interviewed.  Sure, folks can have a bad day.  But demonstrating that you can overcome obstacles is one of those things that could move you from a borderline candidate  who is unlikely to be hired to the one who is hired.  When you are given “softball” questions, it is your opportunity to shine.  Be prepared!

Fortunately, while walking Sidney Milton toward the library, I ran in to the firm recruiting coordinator who told me that my 11:45 a.m. interviewee, Emilia Sparrows, was ready for her interview early because one of my colleagues had a last minute scheduling conflict.  So, I let the recruiting coordinator take over Sidney’s “tour” and I headed back down to my office to meet Emilia, a candidate who looks promising on paper....

“Tough Day” (Part 3)

“Don’t Be This Interviewee”

The Story: “Tough Day”

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