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Well, that was sure a tough day!  None of the interviewees you just saw showed the complete package of potential and maturity that I would recommend to a law firm’s hiring committee.

To be sure that you do not interview like the folks you saw, you might try video recording a practice interview session with a friend or family member asking you the types of questions you heard me ask off camera.  Give them free reign to ask other questions that relate to your resume.  Watch the recording and be critical!

To hear even more insights from my experiences, and to learn about and try our interview preparation exercises, attend our live program.  CONTACT US to learn about when and where we are offering our program or to make arrangements to bring our program to you.  

This Program IS NOT INTENDED TO BE ELIGIBLE for Continuing Legal Education credit, and, of course, we make no representation or guarantee about your future employability.


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“Don’t Be This Interviewee”

The Story: “Tough Day”

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